Basically, every part of the world experiences a change in weather conditions as a year starts and completes its cycle. Biloxi is not an exception to this trend. While it has a warm climate for most times of the year, Biloxi also has its cold days.

The implication of this on the use of HVAC systems is that there will have to be times whereby transition from cooling to heating and vice versa has to take place in the use of HVAC systems. To this end, we will first be talking about how to transition your HVAC system from heating to cooling. Then, we can talk about preventing your house from fire and then some maintenance tips will follow.

 Don’t leave your HVAC on all times: If you don’t want to run the air conditioning at first sign of a warm day, all you need do is open up the windows and open doors; making room for a cross- ventilation and a stream of fresh air to breeze through the house will definitely get the job done. For maximum effect in this regard, keep the curtains and shades drawn. This move can go a long way to make a difference on sunny days. The effect of the radiation of heat on your home is reduced without you using our HVAC system

 Clean up your HVAC system: at times, your HVAC system is installed in areas where bushes and shrubs can grow around it. Dealing with this requires that you do a bit of “clearance cleaning” and ensure all bushes and shrubs are eliminated from the HVAC system.

 Regularly replace the air conditioning filter: This can go a long way in maintaining the
cleanliness of your air conditioner. Beyond basic cleaning drills, an effective transition process with respect to your HVAC requires that you have your air conditioner unit professionally checked.

HVAC professionals are readily available in Biloxi for this very reason they will always make sure to go a step further in maintaining the cleanliness of your HVAC all through the year. Also, you can install a smart thermostat to monitor the temperature of your HVAC system. Your thermostat is engineered to work in harmony with the air conditioning and heating units. Beyond helping you to determine the health of your HVAC, smart thermostat can also help establish the right comfort level for the home.
Now, let’s discuss some fire-preventing drills.


Prevention of home heating fire while using HVAC

Speaking of heat, the heat in Biloxi can be so draining. There have been cases of fire incidents in Biloxi in the past and statistics show that a good number of them were generated from heat appliances; HVAC being one of them. Definitely, there is an urgent need to prevent heat equipment from generating an inferno.

1. Keep combustibles away from heating equipment.

You need to be careful if, for any reason, you are keeping combustibles in your home. U.S records have it that heat source being too close to combustibles caused about 17% of home heating equipment fires including HVACs. To make this preventive measure more effective, it is suggested that you keep all objects at least three feet away from your furnace, fireplace, wood stove, or HVAC system.

2. Keep your heating equipment cleaned and inspected every year. 

Although this has been mentioned before now, it is important that we mention the fact that a clean HVAC system contributes to the prevention of a fire outbreak. When a fire breaks out of an HVAC system, it is quite likely that the dirt has in a sense, triggered the users to pay very little attention to it, hence they didn’t take note while it was degenerating from bad to worse.

Little wonder why it is important that you maintain a clean HVAC system, in a quest to prevent a fire outbreak. Always make sure that your HVAC environment is cleaned carefully, preferably under the inspection of a qualified professional.

What was the last thing you fixed and made a preventive move on within your
HVAC component?

There are several parts of your HVAC that need to be maintained regularly to prevent a breakdown.

1. Air conditioner coils: this shouldn’t be ignored while caring for your HVAC system. When you make regular use of your HVAC, the evaporator coil will dry out with time. To this end, you need to make preventive measures by checking the evaporator coil for repairs. It won’t be a bad idea to do this at least once a year.

2. Coil fins: just in case you don’t know what this is, they are aluminum fins fixed on the
evaporator and condenser fins. You need to pay attention to this because it has the tendency to bend easily. In effect, this would disrupt the free flow of air within the coil, thereby affecting the effectiveness of the HVAC system. Once you notice the coil fins are ending, you might need to change them to prevent a total breakdown of the HVAC system with time.

3. Air condition filters: this component of HVAC is very crucial, it prevents the system from absorbing dust particles. You do well to clean it up at regular intervals. If not, the efficiency of the system will drop obviously.


HVAC systems are quite valuable in Biloxi, given their hot weather. You do well to maintain it properly and prevent a fire disaster while you do so. Don’t forget to get HVAC experts to assist you in caring for your HVAC system, it is always worth the effort. With this, you are sure to enjoy the transition.

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